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Keenan Omarik, a portfolio manager in the private banking division of GSK Bank, is trying to convince a conservative client to diversify using international bonds and equities. Currently, the client holds only U.S.
investments (but is well diversified) and is reluctant to change his allocation. All of the following statements support Omarik's recommendation for international diversification EXCEPT:
A. Foreign securities usually have low correlations with U.S. investments and offer more diversification opportunities than domestic investments alone.
B. Historically, non-U.S. securities have outperformed U.S. investments on a return basis, at least in part because the non-U.S. economies have experienced higher growth rates.
C. By replacing domestic investments with foreign investments in a portfolio, investors can reduce the portfolio risk while holding the number of investments constant.
D. By diversifying both domestically and internationally, investors eliminate the risk from worldwide systematic risk factors.
Answer: D
This statement should read, "By diversifying both domestically and internationally, investors limit risk to worldwide systematic risk factors only." (Much like domestic diversification reduces unsystematic risk from individual investments, but systematic risk still exists.) The other choices are valid arguments for international diversification.

A. 1。ベースエンクロージャーノードB、2。ベースエンクロージャーノードA、3。拡張エンクロージャー
B. 1。拡張エンクロージャー、2。ベースエンクロージャー
C. 1。ベースエンクロージャーノードA、2。ベースエンクロージャーノードB、3。拡張エンクロージャー
D. 1。ベースエンクロージャー、2。拡張エンクロージャー
Answer: B

You need to support web and mobile application secure logons.
Which technology should you use?
A. Azure Active Directory B2B
B. Azure Active Directory B2C
C. OAuth 1.0
Answer: B
Topic 6, Woodgrove Bank
Woodgrove Bank has 20 regional offices and operates 1,500 branch office locations. Each regional office hosts the servers, infrastructure, and applications that support that region.
Woodgrove Bank plans to move all of their on-premises resources to Azure, including virtual machine (VM)-based, line-of-business workloads, and SQL databases. You are the owner of the Azure subscription that Woodgrove Bank is using. Your team is using Git repositories hosted on GitHub for source control.
Currently, Woodgrove Bank's Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) has a problem investigating security issues due to the lack of security intelligence integrated with their current incident response tools. This lack of integration introduces a problem during the detection (too many false positives), assessment, and diagnose stages. You decide to use Azure Security Center to help address this problem.
Woodgrove Bank has several apps with regulated data such as Personally Identifiable Information (PII) that require a higher level of security. All apps are currently secured by using an on-premises Active Directory Domain Services (ADDS). The company depends on the following mission-critical apps: WGBLoanMaster, WGBLeaseLeader, and WGBCreditCruncher apps. You plan to move each of these apps to Azure as part of an app migration project.
The WGBLoanMaster app has been audited for transaction loss. Many transactions have been lost in processing and monetary write-offs have cost the bank. The app runs on two VMs that include several public endpoints.
The WGBLeaseLeader app has been audited for several data breaches. The app includes a SQL Server database and a web-based portal. The portal uses an ASP.NET Web API function to generate a monthly aggregate report from the database.
The WGBCreditCruncher app runs on a VM and is load balanced at the network level. The app includes several stateless components and must accommodate scaling of increased credit processing. The app runs on a nightly basis to process credit transactions that are batched during the day. The app includes a web-based portal where customers can check their credit information. A mobile version of the app allows users to upload check images.
Business Requirements
WGBLoanMaster app
The app audit revealed a need for zero transaction loss. The business is losing money due to the app losing and not processing loan information. In addition, transactions fail to process after running for a long time. The business has requested the aggregation processing to be scheduled for 01:00 to prevent system slowdown.
WGBLeaseLeader app
The app should be secured to stop data breaches. If the data is breached, it must not be readable. The app is continuing to see increased volume and the business does not want the issues presented in the WGBLoanMaster app. Transaction loss is unacceptable, and although the lease monetary amounts are smaller than loans, they are still an important profit center for Woodgrove Bank. The business would also like the monthly report to be automatically generated on the first of the month. Currently, a user must log in to the portal and click a button to generate the report.
WGBCreditCruncher app
The web-based portal area of the app must allow users to sign in with their Facebook credentials. The bank would like to allow this feature to enable more users to check their credit within the app.
Woodgrove Bank needs to develop a new financial risk modeling feature that they can include in the WGBCreditCruncher app. The financial risk modeling feature has not been developed due to costs associated with processing, transforming, and analyzing the large volumes of data that are collected. You need to find a way to implement parallel processing to ensure that the features run efficiently, reliably, and quickly. The feature must scale based on computing demand to process the large volumes of data and output several financial risk models.
Technical Requirements
WGBLoanMaster app
The app uses several compute-intensive tasks that create long-running requests to the system. The app is critical to the business and must be scalable to increased loan processing demands. The VMs that run the app include a Windows Task Scheduler task that aggregates loan information from the app to send to a third party. This task runs a console app on the VM.
The app requires a messaging system to handle transaction processing. The messaging system must meet the following requirements:
* Allow messages to reside in the queue for up to a month.
* Be able to publish and consume batches of messages.
* Allow full integration with the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) communication stack.
* Provide a role-based access model to the queues, including different permissions for senders and receivers.
You develop an Azure Resource Manager (ARM) template to deploy the VMs used to support the app. The template must be deployed to a new resource group and you must validate your deployment settings before creating actual resources.
WGBLeaseLeader app
The app must use Azure SQL Databases as a replacement to the current Microsoft SQL Server environment. The monthly report must be automatically generated.
The app requires a messaging system to handle transaction processing. The messaging system must meet the following requirements:
* Require server-side logs of all of the transactions run against your queues.
* Track progress of a message within the queue.
* Process the messages within 7 days.
* Provide a differing timeout value per message.
WGBCreditCruncher app
The app must:
* Secure inbound and outbound traffic.
* Analyze inbound network traffic for vulnerabilities.
* Use an instance-level public IP and allow web traffic on port 443 only.
* Upgrade the portal to a Single Page Application (SPA) that uses JavaScript, Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), and the OAuth 2.0 implicit authorization grant to secure the Web API back end.
* Cache authentication and host the Web API back end using the Open Web Interface for .NET (OWIN) middleware.
* Immediately compress check images received from the mobile web app.
* Schedule processing of the batched credit transactions on a nightly basis.
* Provide parallel processing and scalable computing resources to output financial risk models.
* Use simultaneous computer nodes to enable high performance computing and updating of the financial risk models.
Key security area